Our company, Moon Boat Global investment Inc., is specialized in high quality lifelike sex dolls. These ladies, sweet, or wild, or attractive, or peaceful, or playful, or cool, will impress you. Would you like to enjoy the happiness of sex? if you have no wife or girlfriend, our real dolls are your ideal choice.

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    Alexia, your baby doll!


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    Angela is always among the best sellers. She looks amazing with perfectly tanned skin, top model figure. She is 162cm tall with E cup breast, cherry-like lips and sexy ass.



    The sweet girl has every way your fantasy is about--long dark hair, model figure and tanned skin. She is the ideal one for you. Take her home today!

    Blog posts

    • April 16, 2021 Are sex dolls the new love dolls?

      Are sex dolls the new love dolls?

      A real doll does more than satisfy your sexual needs —  just like a real woman does more than satisfy your emotional needs. For many men, sex dolls offer a way to realize their need for emotional and physical companionship with no strings attached.


      You can easily go from a sex doll to love doll, especially when you have so much freedom in choosing the perfect size, body, face, hair, eyes, and skin. Everyone has their own name, unique face, personality, and one-of-a-kind complexion. It’s just like having a real woman.

      Single, but not alone

      Real dolls are great for single men looking for the extra attention they either can’t have or don’t want to have with real women. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. TPE dolls are made to feel real inside and out, so you get to feel that deeper connection.


      You can watch movies with your love doll, eat meals, cuddle, take photos, and even go for a stroll in the park. There’s really no limit to what you can do together and the emotional companionship you get back is well worth the effort you put in.

      Sexual satisfaction when you want it

      Some men don’t want to go through the trouble of worrying about another woman’s emotions. With a love doll, your satisfaction is what matters most. You don’t do the back and forth of giving, then taking, and then giving again. You can take all you want when you have your own love doll.


      They’re also great for when you want to try something you’ve never done before. Your partner might not be ready to fulfill your sexual fantasies the way you need them, but at home, your only limit is what you can imagine.

      Are sex dolls creating a healthier society?

      There are many reasons to believe sex dolls are benefiting society as a whole. By giving men an outlet to practice sexual fantasies they can’t do with real women, our relationships with real women are improving. For many men, the distraction of talking to an attractive woman when you haven’t had your sexual needs satisfied can be too much to handle.


      The beauty of finding companionship emotionally and physically with a love doll is that it completely changes the dynamic between some men and women. We can take sex out of the equation when it’s not appropriate and give others our whole selves without distractions.

      Real dolls — adult toys for men

      If you need real dolls that can give you the level of companionship you’re looking for, visit today. All of our dolls come with fully customizable features to help you find your perfect match.


      Our TPE dolls give you a natural skin-like feel, with breasts and buttocks that move when you move. The all-natural feel and touch you get with a real doll will be just like sleeping with a real woman all night and every night.

    • March 13, 2021 Different Styles of Sex Dolls You Had No Idea Existed

      Adult sexual companionship with a sex doll is exciting.

      Dealing with humans can sometimes be draining; the arguments, judgments, and not forgetting to mention the court battles over who takes what. And this then brings us to our focal point: sex dolls.

      They do as you wish and fulfill your every desire. And guess what? There is more that you are about to find out. So keep reading and get to know about the various kind of realistic sex dolls available.

      Attractive type sex dolls

      Everyone adores a pretty smile and an attractive visage. There is a striking sexual fire that sparks knowing that you can have such a lady to bed. This type of sex doll is the perfect embodiment of attractiveness. A sex doll for men in this collection looks like something out of your dream. She has a curvy body, has beautiful lips, alluring eyes, hair, the smooth skin; basically, the whole package. And guess what, you can get her in blonde, brunette, black hair, or as a redhead.

      Peace type sex doll

      One thing that can instantly turn off a guy is a lady who brings all her issues into the bedroom. But lucky for you, a doll from this entire doll collection will be a still and submissive partner that will peacefully satisfy your sexual urges. If you like calm, deep, and peaceful intercourse, then this doll is for you.

      Playful type sex dolls

      Who does not like some spice in the bedroom? It gets the blood rushing to the right places as the anticipation slowly builds up. A playful sex doll in this collection is just the perfect kind to try out if you like a little fun and games in the bed.


      Sport type sex dolls

      A sports-type doll has the exact features a lady with muscles has. And this is a beautiful sight to behold. In this sporty category, the real doll adult is active in their appearance and even more in the sheets. That said, if you like your ladies with healthy-looking curves, the sport type is just the kind to go with.

      Sweet type sex dolls

      The sweet type is a real doll silicone full body doll that is your dream lover. She has enchanting eyes, peachy kissable lips, full breasts, and bangs to top off the sweet girl image. If you like a sex doll USA with the girl next door vibes going on, she is the one you select.

      Wild type sex dolls

      There is something about getting the forbidden fruit that simply intrigues and makes sex spicy. Well, if you enjoy such encounters, you will love the wild TPE doll. This doll will get you hot instantly because the features she has seemed too good to be true. But they are real since you will be able to touch every inch of her skin.

      Take away

      Every man desires to get a woman of their dreams, so why not get the sex doll of his dreams. And now you have six types, each with a real care doll you will enjoy. Each is a real friendly doll you will love having as a companion.


    • March 13, 2021 Impressive Benefits Of Sex Dolls

      If there has ever been an eye-brow-raising sexual topic, that will have to be the one about sex toys, real sex dolls in particular.

      The ethical part dictates that it is no different from masturbation since you are the only one feeling the pleasure, but is that really wrong? We beg to differ as we believe that using a real doll sounds like a pretty safe option in certain situations. And below are some of those benefits.

      Sex dolls are not emotional

      Both men and women can instantly get turned off when their sexual partner is overly emotional during sex, mostly if these emotions have a negative impact on the act. For example, if one is moody or grumpy. That said, a real doll will not have such baggage, and you can use it anytime you wish.

      Sex dolls are versatile

      Did you know that you can select a sex doll of your dreams from the features, height, and even complexion? As a matter of fact, some manufacturers allow you to customize your desired sex doll, adding all the features you want. And each element will be accurate down to the inch. Furthermore, a TPE doll can operate in different settings and even get an orgasm depending on its complexity. These advancements give room to versatility which humans lack.

      Sex dolls do not harbor STDs and STIs

      One of the primary concerns of having sex is contacting a venereal sexually transmitted disease or infection. But a sex doll for men or women does not harbor such. As long as they are well cleaned after intercourse, they remain spic and span, free of nasty pathogens that can cause infections. In a world filled with people who are not entirely honest about the sexual status, using a real friendly doll might be one way to stay clean and satisfied.

      Sex dolls do not get pregnant

      Unplanned pregnancies are yet another concern that people have while having unprotected sex. And guess what? A real care doll cannot get pregnant. Isn't that great news! You can have coitus with your real friendly doll a million times and not even once have the thought of siring a child.

      Sex dolls are incredibly flexible

      A sexually liberated adult loves experimenting with new sex positions. And the great news is that a sex doll can play that part flawlessly. Since their bodies are made of silicone and flexible frame structures, you can place the doll in missionary or bend it into a Kama Sutra style a human might find challenging.

      Take away

      Talking about sex dolls is now the norm. We have all become sexually liberated enough to understand that sex does not have to be boring. A sex doll USA can help you get that satisfaction and offer you all the benefits discussed above. So if you do not want to deal with anyone's emotions, enjoy the versatility, avoid diseases, not get pregnant, and celebrate flexibility, get a sex doll. You will not regret it.


    • March 13, 2021 How Love Dolls Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

      Sex is a beautiful thing that should be explored by people who love each other. And sex dolls can spice up the bedroom and give it back that anticipation and zeal that was once there in the beginning.

      Luckily, you can now legally purchase a sex doll on and have it delivered to you. 


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